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About me

Hello and welcome to my blog. I am K and this is my life.

I started blogging over ten years ago as a way to avoid studying for final exams in university. Since then I've graduated university with a Bachelor in Science (I studied enough it seems), gotten married, scored a sweet job with benefits, bought a new house, had two kids, decided to stay home with said kids, started a doula business, and am back working 9-5.

Because I use this blog to document my life it has obviously evolved over the last decade+. No longer am I the fresh university grad about to get married writing about this and that. I'm not even the stay-at-home-mom I was for years. I'm me: a working mom of two, trying to figure it out.

I've done a lot and learned a lot over the years, but what really sticks out is that family is the most important thing. That and the fact that I'm responsible for my own happiness.

I love to read and write and spent years writing for various online publications (Ottawa Mommy Club, Kids in the Capital and SavvyMoms.ca). I'm passionate about pregnancy, birth, and parenting, something I discovered during my pregnancies and especially after the birth of my daughter. I spent 4 years working as a doula, providing support to women and their partners. I started with a solo practice, Tiny Feet Doula Services, and moved to a doula partnership called National Capital Doulas.

I'm creative - always making something. I sell my pieces on Facebook - Tiny Feet Creations.

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I couldn't do everything I do without the support I get from my friends and family, but most importantly, my husband J. He's pretty awesome. He is a great dad, loves racing the little red car, and doing anything and everything outside.

Here's a good post about me in case you need somewhere to start. Otherwise you can check out the tabs at the top of the blog for posts about my awesome Little J, or my super sweet Little K, or use the labels on the right side to look for something specific. Happy reading!