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Thursday, September 14, 2017

First day of Grades 1 and 3

Back to school this year went really smoothly. I don't know if it's because the kids are getting older and we've done this before or something else, but there were no tears.

Annual first-day-of-school shot in front of the WRX.
We biked to school the Friday before and I took pictures of the class lists. Both kids recognized some names but we didn't know either teacher. I asked around and heard good things.

Little K excited for Grade 1!
Little K is starting Grade 1. The amazing group of kids that she was with for the last 2 years is all split up but she does have some friends in her class. Her teacher seems really sweet and Little K has said a few times already that she really likes school. That doesn't stop the tears from coming the odd morning at drop off but overall she's quite happy though exhausted!


Little J excited about Grade 3!
Little J is in Grade 3 this year and was really positive after finding out his teacher loves to read. He wanted to get her a book as a happy-first-day-of-school gift! He also has some friends in his class and seems to be doing well. He has his first homework and we're taking a new approach this year: it's up to him to decide when he gets his work done as long as it gets done. We'll see how it goes.


We're back to the schedule we started when I went back to work in January: J gets the kids ready in the morning and drops them off and I pick them up after school.

I'll be helping out again with the School Council's Facebook page and volunteering for events when I can.


Here's hoping for a good school year!

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