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Friday, August 25, 2017


Watch out for sparkles!
Another year, another dance season done. This was a busy one: Little K had three classes - ballet, jazz and tap - and Little J had hip hop. We spent hours every weekend at the dance studio but it was worth it because the kids had a great time!

The year-end recital was at the end of May and Little K did the June series as well (4 weeks of classes) which doubled as the competitive team try-out. I think it's safe to say that there will be more dance in our future.

The recital was run differently than last year. This year the two shows were both on Sunday with the stage rehearsal taking place the Friday before. The stage rehearsal was a chaotic mess and it didn't help ease Little J's nerves.

Little K's class.

Little J's class.



He was so nervous while Little K was just excited. It was interesting to see. J and I both volunteered back stage for the first show. J was in the boy's change room and basically just stopped two brothers from beating on each other while I helped out in the girls' 5/6 room. There was a lot of opening snacks, reminding the dancers to pee, and helping with costumes and make up. Organizing 20 dancers for 3 routines is a big job!



The kids both did SO well during the first show. We had a little break before the second show so we went to J's grandparent's house. The kids both showed off their costumes before getting ready to do it all again.

Little K doing her makeup.
We got back to the theater and I helped Little K get in her first costume. She wanted her hair done properly (vs the first show when she wouldn't take off her head band!) so I had to enlist another mom to help. Those buns are a work of art that I certainly haven't mastered.

For the second show, J and I found our seats and put away our phones, and enjoyed the show.

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It was amazing and I'm so proud of my little dancers!

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