Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Happy kids.

I can hardly believe how quickly this year went by, especially the last 6 months since I've been back at work. The time sitting at my desk normally drags on and on but the days fly by.

Since I was at work I enlisted J to take the last day of school pictures. He delivered. The kids enjoyed a Canada-themed last day of school and they were both sad to say goodbye to their friends.

Little K.

Little K had a great year in senior kindergarten (or Year 2 as they're now calling it). She was with half her class from last year with the same teacher and ECE. She had 2 French teachers and another ECE. It was a good year for her - she's come a long way and was able to work on her leadership skills. She's a pro at sounding out words and schooled us on monarch butterflies in Montreal. I'm excited to see what happens next year - who will her teacher be, will she be in class with any of her friends, how will she do out in the yard with the big kids?

Little J.

Little J had a bumpy year with a strong end. He had some trouble paying attention in class and some issues with some kids, but he still made it through with decent grades and a few good friends. He was sad when the bell rang. He's heading in to grade 3 next year and I'm hopeful he gets a good teacher and a good class.

On the step.

That afternoon, I was waiting outside and loved hearing the screams when the bell rang. The unbridled childhood joy was incredible to witness. It's too bad the weather made us all run for our houses and cars. We went home and celebrated the end of school with chips and Fruit by the Foot.

Under the umbrella.

That night we packed up because J's parents took the kids to the cottage while J and I worked. We joined them that evening for the Canada Day long weekend. More on that later.

This is our first summer with me working so the kids are doing summer camp - 6 weeks at the RA Centre - and they started today. Fingers crossed it went well because they're going for 6 weeks over the summer and possibly more - I still need to figure that out.

Even with summer camps and both me and J working, I want to have a fun summer. There's lots to do while the weather's hot and now that I'm not on call we can plan and commit to things. What will we do? Not sure but here are some ideas.

- swimming
- cottage
- rollerblading
- biking
- camping
- autocross
- slack lining
- yoga
- reading
- garden
- running
- skateboarding
- patios
- Calypso

No matter what happens, I want to have fun this summer!

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