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Monday, July 17, 2017

School Carnival

The kids' school had a year-end carnival. In past years either Little J has had karate or I've had to work, so I really liked being able to go this year with the kids. J missed out because he doesn't get home until well after 6pm, but we had fun!

We biked over and Little J immediately ran off with a bunch of friends. Little K went around and tried all the bouncy castles. Little J found us again and tried the ladder bouncy castle. He bet me a dollar he could do it first try. He fell and owes me a dollar - it's harder than it looks!

We saw so many friends and the kids raced around full of cotton candy. It was the perfect end to the school year.

Waiting in line together.

Little K tackles the ladder.

Little J gets across after falling off.

Jumping with friends.

checking out the fire truck.

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