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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Playing Soccer

Little K decided she wanted to play soccer. Thankfully this was a while ago and we were able to take advantage of the early bird rate. Side note: why is little kid soccer so expensive?

Proud girl.
Her friend wanted to play too so we put in friend requests and crossed our fingers. They ended up on the same team and are loving playing together every week. Their favourite part is snack time followed closely by post-game popsicles.

I felt like such a mom when I was cutting up oranges to be gobbled up at half time.
I'm enjoying watching. There's something so .. predictable (? but in a good way) about little kid soccer. They don't know the rules beyond don't touch the ball with your hands and follow the ball around in a little mob. The coaches are on the field and don't only cheer on the players, sometimes they physically put them in position. It makes me laugh.

The mob. 
Little J now wants to play so he brings a ball to the games to kick around. Maybe next year we'll have 2 soccer players.

Sitting in the rain.

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