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Friday, July 7, 2017

Lole White Tour

Continuing with the yoga theme... let's talk about the Lole White Tour.

One of the best things about being back at work, other than the extra money coming in, is my coworkers. I really missed the social aspects of working and am loving it now. We've done a hip hop class, lunches out, barbecues, and yoga classes.

The latest was the Lole White Tour. We had a good group get together for an outdoor yoga class on the roof of the Rideau Centre. The catch? Everyone had to wear white to represent peace. And if you weren't head to toe in white, you were asked to go to the back of the class.

The class was led by Ciara who I saw for the first time at City of OM leading the acro yoga class. It was a nice flow with a guided meditation at the end. The rooftop got chilly near the end of class, but what a feeling! Being outside, everyone in white on bright yellow yoga mats, doing yoga. It was fun!

Me with LH before class.

A sea of white, yellow and green.

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