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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Mother's Day

Little K's card.
Mother's Day this year was pretty low key. J's mom was out of town and mine was resting before her eye surgery so it was just me, J and the kids.

Mad laundry skillz.
Now that the kids are in school, I eagerly wait for the cards and crafts that come home. Little K's card showed that she loves that I do laundry and Little J's gave me a shout out for my professionalism (in making dinner he later told me).

Little J's card.

Along with the cards, I was given a bookmark and a candle holder.


J and the kids got me Forbidden Island, a board game to play together. We played twice because the first time we failed spectacularly.


Our forbidden island.

And, as is tradition, I got a picture of me with the kids. Without them I wouldn't be a mother.

Pile on Mom for a picture!

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