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Thursday, June 29, 2017

More gymnastics fun

Before we hit summer (can you believe school is done??), I wanted to wrap up the kids' gymnastics season. Classes ended just over a week ago and they won't be doing gymnastics over the summer... maybe in the fall depending on schedules.

I love that the kids love gymnastics! I did gymnastics when I was little. It's such a great workout, using the entire body and getting strong. Little K finished up her 5th session.

Little K started in March 2016 and fell in love. She's a natural and it doesn't hurt that she's strong and doesn't weigh very much.

The second-last class of every session is parents night, where parents are invited to the gym and follow the class around to the different areas. Back in December, J was out of town or busy so I had Little J with me for parents night. He came into the gym and decided then and there that he wanted to do gymnastics too. He started in January and loves it too!

I snapped some pictures during Little J's first session's parent's night back in March. Parent's night is also when the kids get their stickers and badges. Little K was upset she didn't earn enough stickers for the next badge, while Little J was thrilled to have earned his first badge.

After March Break is when the last session started. Little K's friend JH was in her class and they had a blast together and were both exhausted at school on Thursdays. Little J's favourite coach broke his arm so he had a few different coached through the session.

Both kids learned so much!

Little K rocking the beam.
Little J doing an L-sit.
Little K on the bars.
Little J on the rings.

Proud kids at the end of the winter session.

Little Jon the rings.

Doing a pull up.

Splits on the pommel horse.

Attempting a cartwheel.

Proud kid getting his second badge.

Proud girl getting her stickers.

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