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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Fidget spinners in the house!

You are living under a rock if you haven't heard of fidget spinners. The latest craze to sweep through schools, these toys are everywhere. Normally we don't do the latest and greatest and fidget spinners are no exception. My kids don't need them to concentrate or help with focus. And so they are toys, not tools. If they needed them, J and I would have researched and bought them ourselves.

Counting their coins.
The kids were determined and we told them that they could use their own money if they wanted a fidget spinner. They were tripping over themselves to count their money and get to the store.

The hype was only heightened after seeing their favourite You Tubers review a bunch of different fidget spinners. Now they knew what to look for and they couldn't find what they wanted in the stores. J agreed to order them each a fidget spinner online.

Little J is amazed!
Little J went with a black metal one (spins longer than the plastic ones) and Little K chose a dusty pink metal one with short blades (good for small hands).

A very excited Little K with her fidget spinner.

The fidget spinners came quickly and the kids love them! I don't get the fascination.. they spin. And spin and spin, but the kids are happy.

Listening to the whir.

Do you have a fidget spinner?


  1. We got some this past weekend - I felt like we were the last family on earth to get them. I have to say, for the $6 each we paid (we got the plastic kind), the kids have had a ball. They can't seem to get enough of spinning them and making up games and races and contests. Even my husband will pick one up while the kids are in bed and fiddle with it...I sense stocking stuffer!

    1. I've heard of people putting them in loot bags!