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Friday, June 16, 2017

Coming soon: Emerge Yoga Festival!


I'm feeling energized when it's comes to yoga these days. My at-home practice is serving me well, but being with other people at events - like City of Om and the Lole White Tour - is something else!

Usually I grab my yoga mat from under my bed after the kids have gone to bed, pull up a video, and flow through some poses. It's a completely different feeling when you roll out your mat on the grass with hundreds of people, close your eyes, lift your arms up and collectively breathe in.

It's hard to put into words how it feels but believe me when I tell you it's amazing and I'm actively searching out more opportunities. Thankfully, Ottawa is a great place for festivals especially in the summer, and I jumped at the opportunity to go to Emerge, Canada's Yoga & Music Festival. (Click through to the website for all the details.)

Happening over the Canada Day long weekend, Emerge is an outdoor festival in the Laurentian Valley, about an hour and a half from Ottawa. They have an impressive line up of musical artists, vendors, yoga and meditation classes. You can camp, glamp, or just stay for the day.

What I like about the culture at events like this is how inclusive they are. This is coming from a major introvert who needs to psyche herself up to attend events and talk to people. Sure, I still need to prepare myself (Okay self, rest up because today you're going to be around people ALL day) but I have to say that I never feel like I don't belong. I never feel that I'm not bendy enough, not strong enough, not yoga enough.

There's a lot of happiness and wellness and a community feel. At City of Om I attended classes where partner work was required (for some reason, I thought I'd be fine by myself in Acro Yoga) and I had no trouble finding a partner. A complete stranger who was there to learn just like me and we supported each other, literally and figuratively, on the journey.

That's what I'm hoping for at Emerge. I'm hoping to learn, to try some new-to-me classes, to meet new people. Looking at the schedule, finding new-to-me classes won't be hard because there are so many different classes and styles to choose from. It's going to be an adventure!

UPDATE: Use code EMERGE10 for 10% off festival passes!!

Disclaimer: I was offered a one-day festival pass in exchange for writing about my experience. The words and opinions are all my own. Promise. Thank you for reading along and supporting me, this blog, and Emerge.

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