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Thursday, May 11, 2017

SupperWorks ~ A review

When I started back to work in the new year, I was on top of meal planning. I knew that I would have less time to shop, prep and cook meals so every Sunday I made myself a list. I tend to stick to the same few meals that I know everyone will eat, which is great, but then I get bored! Also, some weeks I didn't plan or I wasn't able to shop on the weekend and then my plans went out the window when I was missing key ingredients. I admit to ordering pizza more than a handful of times over the past 4 months.

SupperWorks - Taking the work out of supper
So what's a girl to do? Enter SupperWorks. Have you heard of SupperWorks? It's a place where you go and assemble meals for the freezer. I had never tried them until the other week when I was invited to a special event for Ottawa bloggers. The owners of the Ottawa locations hosted this event to show us how it all worked and let me tell you I was impressed!

Meal assembling stations at SupperWorks Nepean.

The Nepean location, where the event took place, is tucked away in an industrial park off Hunt Club. Easy to find and lots of free parking. The place itself is bright with stations for prepping meals, 2 meals per station. Now the genius part is that, once you've picked your recipe (which you have to do in advance), you find your station and all the ingredients are right there.

Getting started on Ron's Flatirons.
The meat is portioned for you and the rest of the ingredients are in containers at the station so you just add everything to a freezer bag, seal the bag, and put it on your tray in the fridge. I prepped my two meals in less than 10 minutes and that included some fumbling around because it was my first time, and waiting for my turn at the second station.

Fully assembled fish tacos.
Each meal comes with a handy label so when you pull it out of the freezer, you know exactly what's in the bag and how to prep it. Some meals are cooked in the oven, some on the stove and others on the BBQ. They all have suggestions for sides that you can buy from SupperWorks or make yourself.

Handy meal labels.

Easy peasy, blogger approved!
All the SupperWorks meals are taste-tested and family-approved. The recipes are meant to be frozen and thawed so you can either make them in the first few days or freeze them to enjoy later. I made Ron's flatirons and the fish tacos. We cooked up the flatirons the other week and I don't think we've had a meal that was enjoyed so much by all of us. Seriously, we were all amazed and fighting over the last few bites and sadly there were no leftovers for lunch the next day. I'm looking forward to trying to fish tacos.

Meat on the grill.

Tasty dinner.
Apart from entrees and sides, SupperWorks also offers prepacked meals perfect for lunch at work. I tried the pumpkin chili with mashed potatoes and want to go back for another!

Ready-to-go meals and sides.
How is works is you go the the SupperWorks website and pick 3, 6, 9, or 12 entrees. You can add sides to your order and choose whether you'd like to split the entrees in half (perfect for 1 or 2 adults while a full sized entree feeds 4-6). Then you pick the date you'd like to assemble your meals. This is important because all the prep is done twice a week and to avoid a lot of food waste, they need to know ahead of time how much to prep.

I've done freezer meals at home before. It worked but it was a lot of work and my kitchen was a complete disaster by the end of it. SupperWorks does the planning, shopping, and chopping for you. And they'll even do the assembling for an extra fee. It really does make assembling the meals easier and less time consuming. Plus there's a bigger variety - when I did it, I stuck to recipes for the slow cooker using chicken breast.

They have new entrees every month so a lot of their customers go every month and get 3, 6, 9, or 12 meals for their families. And bonus: if you go every month, you get a discount! I was so impressed with the store and the food that I took advantage of the current special, the SupperWorks SupperSaver where you get $100 for $50. Now I just need to figure out a time to go.

And because of my background as a doula, the Stork Special really stood out for me. If you buy 6, 9, or 12 entrees in your baby's first 2 months, they will assemble the meals for you at no extra cost.

Stork Special details.
SupperWorks has three locations in Ottawa - Nepean, Orleans and Kanata - so chances are there's one not far from you. Have you tried SupperWorks? I'm glad I got the opportunity and I'll be back!

SuuperWorks: Helping Busy People Eat Well

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Disclaimer: I was invited to the Ottawa bloggers event and got to take home two full meals and a frozen lunch. I was not otherwise compensated for this review. All opinions are my own.

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