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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Atlanta or bust!

The Atlanta mural is big on Instagram
Big excitement in my world: I went to Atlanta! By myself. Ahh!

Just before Christmas, my family spent some time together at a cottage. We met my niece for the first time and as soon as I saw her I knew I needed to see her more often. But my brother and his wife live in Atlanta, which is why I was only meeting Baby E at 9 months old.

She was so cute and chubby and I wanted to see her again.

The view from above.
Flying the whole family to Atlanta for a weekend didn't make sense but I could go so I figured out a few weekends that would work and set up flight alerts. When a good price came up I bought tickets. I had a few weeks to wait before my trip but the time flew by and before I knew it, it was time to go!
My mission: be the last one on the plane so I hung out with the birds.
A little plane for Ottawa - Toronto.
Beautiful day in Ottawa.

Menacing clouds make for bumpy flights.

Toronto airport.

Scored a window seat on all my flights.
That Friday, J and I took the kids to school and then he dropped me at the airport for my solo adventure. I had my purse and a backpack so I breezed through security and spent some time exploring the airport. My first flight from Ottawa - Toronto and was uneventful. Toronto - Atlanta was fine too.. a bit of turbulence when we flew through the big clouds but nothing terrible. I scored a window seat on both flights and loved seeing all the trees when we got to Atlanta.


Atlanta from the air.
I met my brother in the airport because he was flying in from New York and we drove to his place. He pointed out the sights - downtown, the old baseball stadium, mid-town, his work, the college, the new stadium, and finally their neighbourhood. We pulled in and I spotted Baby E right away because she was looking out the front window. We spent the evening hanging out.

The weather Saturday was absolutely gorgeous - sunny and almost 30 degrees - so we spent the morning at Piedmont Park along with hundreds of other people.

My room with a view.
Piedmont Park.
Me and Baby E.
We grabbed some food and had lunch before Baby E's nap. While she was napping, S and I went to the gun range. When in the South....

After a 5 minute safety video, I was ready to shoot (!) I'm so glad S knew what he was doing because that video alone was not enough. I learned that even with ear protection, some guns are loud enough that I involuntarily jump whenever they go off. Also, I didn't really enjoy the feeling of a gun in my hand. I understand why people are drawn to guns and I'm glad I went but it's not something I feel the need to do again.
Range decorations.

Thug life.
Oh yeah.
Playing outside.
We had a big dinner after Baby E went to bed and then had a bonfire in the backyard.

Backyard bonfires.
I tried my best to befriend the cats and one even thought about sleeping with me. He left minutes after I snapped this picture.

Kitty friend.
After the gorgeous weather Saturday, it poured all day Sunday. And I mean it POURED. This was no light rain, this was a torrential downpour all day. I had heard good things about the Georgia Aquarium so we went there in the morning. It was similar to Ripley's in Toronto but with fewer sharks and more big fish, like dolphins and belugas.

The aquarium tunnel.

That's me in the bottom right - the whale shark and ray are gigantic!
A wee girl and her dad.

Hanging with the fishes.

Watching the belugas with my brother.
That night we went to an actual barn for dinner. It's a famous restaurant with the best ribs - we ordered so much food and ate like kings!

Best ribs ever.
We settled in for a movie with our too-full bellies. Monday wasn't the best weather-wise either so we went to an indoor gymnastics place to let Baby E run around.

Me and Baby E.
Soon it was time for my trip home. A quick Uber to the airport and two unremarkable flights got me to Ottawa just after midnight. I was back in work not even 7 hours later. It was a whirlwind trip and my heart is full.


Ready to go home!

Saying goodbye to Atlanta.

Atlanta from the air.

Sunset over Lake Erie.

Leaving Toronto.

I'm trying to figure out where to go next!

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