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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Easter 2017

Not the typical pastel Easter picture.

Easter weekend was just the break I needed. Four straight days off work and activities with family in town. It was a combination of loud and crazy with quiet and peaceful. I had time to myself, time to read and just be, and lots of time with family.

The kids coloured two pictures each for a contest that I missed the deadline for. I just told them they didn't win.

Little J's.
Little K's.
Speaking of not winning, a local radio station (Live 88.5) had a contest where if you emailed them a song request you were entered into a draw for a Nintendo Switch. Little J is OBSESSED after having seen DanTDM review it and the new Zelda game so we sent in our requests. We didn't win and that led to a very pouty boy.
IMG_20170416_074448 (Medium)
Ready to hunt for eggs!

IMG_20170416_075310 (Medium)
Dividing up the eggs.
Some of the days were sunny so we were outside and others were a rainy mess. There's a lot of flooding around Ottawa, but thankfully none where we are.

Sandy loves the sunshine.
We met up with J's cousin and got all the kids together.
After dinner walks with Baby J.
At one point I saw on Twitter that April the giraffe was actually in labour. The poor thing has been pregnant forever. Little K's class has been following the live stream since before March Break. So we watched the giraffe being born. Little J was grossed out but Little K and I were fascinated.

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We also squeezed in some family yoga. Put on by Little Lotus Yoga, this Star Wars themed class was perfect for the kids. Little J especially was really into the story and kept supplying the teacher with answers.

Girls at yoga.

The boys doing corpse pose.
Monday night I had to remind myself how to go to work and it was a shock to the system when my alarm went off a little after 6 the next morning. It's a short week though because I'm getting set to go see my brother and his family in Atlanta. I leave Friday!

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