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Sunday, April 30, 2017

4 years and 4 months: an update

Like you can tell, I've been busy. This working full time doesn't leave much time for extra things like blogging. I have been back to work 4 months now and just passed another milestone: four years ago Friday was the first doula birth I attended. It's funny how full circle everything is feeling. Work is so much like it was before - the place, the people, the actual work now that I'm back in my old position. Sometimes it feels like I never left, like I never did the stay-at-home mom thing or the doula thing.

I'm adjusting - we're all adjusting. J works fewer hours a day and doesn't get a day off every 2 weeks. He works later hours, not getting home until after 6pm. But he seems happy. The stress of being the sole bread-winner is gone. Our income hasn't quite doubled because he makes more than I do, but it's close. Enough that you can see a difference in him.

The kids are used to getting ready in the morning with dad and having me pick them up from school. Their day-to-day hasn't changed that much.

People ask how I'm doing and I always say that work is good. I like the people and the work keeps me busy so the days go by quickly. I love NOT being on call but I do miss the thrill of birth. I miss helping new families. I miss the business but I like that at 3pm I'm done working for the day. Hardly do I think about work when I'm not there. And I love having paid vacation leave!

I recently took 2 days and made a long weekend trip to Atlanta to visit my brother and his family. My first time on a plane by myself and it was amazing! I'll be back with stories from my trip. I got back late Monday night and went into work the next morning at 7am. I spent the week tired, waiting for the weekend.

So work is going well and I do kinda miss my doula life but I won't ever forget those 40 babies.

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