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Monday, March 6, 2017

Little K's Beach Party


Little K wanted to extend our vacation and decided on a beach-themed birthday party. She invited some classmates and thankfully all but one was available on pretty short notice. I hit up Pinterest for ideas and we came up with some pretty great decorations.

Fish in the ocean.

Our dining room wall was an ocean scene with colourful, cardboard fish, streamer seaweed, and blue balloons as water. I cut up a green table cloth and used brown balloons and streamers to make three huge palm trees in the living room.

Palm tree.

When the kids arrived they each got a lei and got to work colouring their palm trees. The palm trees were for a game: pin the palm tree on the island. Little K and I drew and coloured a bristol board with an island scene before the party. Each kid got spun the same number of times as their age (-ish... I tend to count faster than I spin them) and stuck their palm tree on the paper. No prizes for the winner because I hadn't even thought of that! After the game, the palm trees went in the loot bags.

Palm trees on the island.


Then it was time to make bracelets. I thought this would be a fun craft but it was actually really stressful because there were 9 kids all trying to make a bracelet - beads going everywhere! A mom friend and I scrambled around helping the kids and tying bracelets. In the end, almost everyone had a bracelet that was tied and the knot glued, but not all. Ah well.

Little K asked if she could open her presents so we did. I had some extra fish from our ocean wall so I put everyone's name on a fish. Little K picked a fish and that kid got to give her their present. After the present was opened, that kid got to pick the next fish. We came up with this plan after both kids being so overwhelmed by present opening in past years. It seemed to work well, but Little K still got pushed into a corner by her excited friends.

Present opening.

There was a sweet moment when, after all the presents were open, the kids decided to rip apart and throw all the tissue paper. It was the perfect type of chaos that you'd expect from a bunch of 5- and 6-year olds. You could see Little K getting overwhelmed though so we moved on to cake.

Kids going crazy!

The cake was chocolate (of course) with vanilla icing I dyed blue. I used brown sugar as sand and we added chocolate candy rocks to the beach as well as a little paper umbrella. Fish sprinkles covered the ocean side and a 6 candle topped it off. I am so proud of this cake and am kicking myself for not getting a better picture.

Blowing out the 6 candle.

After chowing down the cake and some chips and candy, the kids went wild until it was time to go home. They all went home with a loot bag that had not only their palm tree, bracelet and lei, but a shell, a paper umbrella, and a bag of candy (blue jellybeans with some white ones thrown in, goldfish, and a big, jelly shark).

Happy loot bags.


Little K received some really nice things and had a great time with all her friends.

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