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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

This is 36

It's official, I am no longer in my early 30s. I'm deep into my mid-30s and I'm not sure how I feel about it. Fine mostly, until something reminds me of how old I actually am. Oh, I graduated high school 17 years ago? Oof. We've owned our house for 10 years? Wow. I've been married for 13? Stop!

See? This getting older thing is tough.

And my birthday? It was pretty good. There was some stress at work over whether we could go on our vacation (a two-week cruise we booked back in May before I knew for sure I'd even be working now) and I wasn't eating or sleeping well. My birthday kinda happened and once I could officially go on the trip, the stress disappeared and I could celebrate.

Decorated cubicle. Yes, I get to work when it's dark.
Despite the work stress, I have lovely coworkers who went all out and I came in that morning to find my little pod decorated. I had so many texts, emails and Facebook messages. Even Google was celebrating my day.

Thanks, Google.
The weekend before my birthday, we celebrated with my parents who gave me a plant (hopefully this black thumb can keep it alive), and J's family. My actual birthday was our last day in town so I'm pretty sure we had leftovers for dinner but J surprised me with a cake and I got a music player I'd been wanting (one that links to my phone and can go anywhere).


I finished off my day by frantically packing and then doing some yoga with my happy cat.

Yoga with Sandy.
Getting older isn't so bad. Sure sometimes I feel ancient and the gray hairs are starting to show up, but I have an awesome family, great friends and fun coworkers. Plus I got to eat so much cake and who doesn't like cake?

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