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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Little K Birthday Questionnaire

I had my birthday, then we went on our cruise (working on those posts now!). Soon after we got back it was time for Little K's birthday week to begin! My little girl turned 6 last week and I can hardly believe it. On one hand, she's so smart and on the other she's my baby girl.

Every birthday I ask the kids the same questions. Here are her answers.

Little K with her Beanie Boos.
What's your name? Little K {she said her name}
How old are you? Six
Where do you live? {She said our street name}
What's your favourite colour? Pink! Pink and purple
What's your favourite food? Ice cream and sausage
Who is your best friend? Julia and Myka
What's your favourite game? Pandemic {Thanks to A&S for introcuding us to this game!}
What's your favourite TV show? Teen Titans
What's your favourite movie? Moana
What do you want to be when you grow up? No one. I mean, I do not know.
What's your favourite animal? Cats
What's your favourite book? Junie B. Jones
Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend? What does that mean? (Little J says that it's someone you want to marry.) No it's not! It's Julia. I love her!
What's your favourite song? Moana
What's your favourite letter? K!
What's your favourite thing? Cats and kittens

More about her birthday, including a beach-themed party, soon!

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