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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Little K at 6


Little K has really grown up this past year. She's still a little girl but very mature in a lot of ways. She is doing really well in senior kindergarten, loves dance and gymnastics, and has quite the collection of Beanie Boos. Her favourite tv show is Teen Titans.


Since September, Little K has been in a JK/SK split so the school year has been much different from last year. She's settled in to the routine of school, has a bunch of really great friends, and has started to develop strong leadership skills. We often hear from her teachers that she helps out the younger kids and her last report card talked about how they were going to get her to lead the class during yoga. So cute!


Little K is most definitely left handed but like most lefties, she can do things with her right hand as well. Physically she is getting so strong - dance and gymnastics are her activities, but we also take her swimming and skating (though, admittedly, not as much as we'd like).


Still my little carnivore, Little K loves meat. She also loves cucumbers and strawberry sauce (poppyseed dressing). She drinks chocolate milk if we go out but otherwise she only drinks water.


It isn't often that we can't tell what Little K is saying. Her cute words are almost all gone.. the only funny thing I can think of is she calls her bath robe, her bath robeS. She's picking up French so quickly and can "read" Brown Bear, Brown Bear all by herself out loud. (I say "read" because she has it memorized and just needs to picture to clue her in and she recites that page.)


School definitely tires out this little girl, who will sometimes nap during the day. She usually sleeps from 8 pm until 7 or 8 am. It's not unusual for us to have to wake her up for school.


Much to her dismay, Little K is *only* 39.4 pounds. She's 44.5 inches tall and wearing mostly 5T, 6 or size XS and S clothes. Her shoes are size 12 I think. Her waist is so tiny so she still has skirts that are 3T that fit. They're getting a wee bit short though.

(Little K at 5)

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