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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Hitting My Stride

I've been back to work over a month now but I spent two weeks cruising the Caribbean with J and the kids. We had such a great time and I promise to write all about it. We dove right back into work and school so there hasn't been time to catch our breath let alone go through the hundreds of pictures or the loads and loads of laundry.

Going from the cruise ship back to reality was hard. No one was preparing our food or cleaning our house, work starts early, and it's cold. So cold.

With a real job comes real weekends. Time completely for me where I know I won't get called to a birth or have a million things that I could be doing. My weekends now need to include errands that I used to get done during the week, but the low level stress of always being ON is gone. It's a beautiful thing.

The kids are prepping their Valentine's Day cards and I'm sipping tea before Little K's dance class. I'm starting to prep for Little K's birthday party so there will be shopping for that. Life keeps going.

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