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Monday, February 20, 2017

Cider Tasting

As promised, I'm getting back to blogging. It's hard to find time, harder than usual, but here I am. Here's a story about us lucking out with our new neighbours.

We live in a townhouse so we live very close to our neighbours. Bad neighbours can really affect every day life so when the house two doors down from us went up for sale, we all crossed our fingers. It must have worked because the family that moved in is pretty awesome!

Back in January, they hosted a cider tasting party. I can't remember how many exactly but the bottles and cans of cider were wrapped in foil and we had to taste and rate 15 or so ciders. It was crazy how many ciders there actually are, and how different they taste, from the very watery to practically beer to super sweet.

That's a lot of cider.
While we were tasting and possibly getting a bit tipsy the kids had their own party going on. They got to taste apple juices and rate them. The rating system neighbour R put together was a happy face to sad face and the kids picked a favourite.

Apple juice tasting.
Their tasting didn't take long and soon they were off the play. Little J was ridiculously happy playing goalie while Little G took shots and Little K watched the new Trolls movie with Little A. The littlest kids toddled around.

Little J in nets.

I'm not used to drinking so much so I had Little K help me with my notes at the end which R collected. We had to rate the ciders on things like taste, after taste, colour, labeling (after they were revealed) and pick our overall favourites. It was a tricky job.

My little helper.
At the end of the night, the four of us ran the two doors home, giggling over the fun we had. Cheers to awesome neighbours!

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