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Sunday, January 8, 2017

My (not so) triumphant return to work

There's a certain comfort and familiarity that comes with returning to the same workplace, even after 6 years away. Thank goodness because they certainly were not prepared for my return.

I was not expecting a red carpet affair but things were a little more scattered than I'd hoped. Not on my end. Thanks to some planning (food prep and showering the night before) as well as help from J and the kids in the morning, I arrived at my agreed start time of 8 am. I called up to my manager. Emailed him. Waited.

The kids packing my lunch in the lunch bag they got for me..

Finally someone came to get me after 30 minutes. Not a big deal. But that was just the beginning of the waiting around I'd be doing my first week. Waiting to be signed in, waiting for an office, a computer, to log in, to figure out parking. So glad there are book shelves in the common room where people leave magazines and books that anyone can read. I found myself a good one!

Tea, new office supplies, and a fun book.

I know more than half the people in my group from before. Lots of people have come and gone (and come back), there's been a lot of shuffling between groups, but overall I would say I know about 75% of the people on my floor. I thought there would be a lot of awkward You're back! What's new? Me: "....." But it was okay. People seemed happy to see me, were sweet and very welcoming. Everyone new I met was great.

My manager wasn't in all week and no one knew where I'd be sitting. It wasn't until Thursday that I was told where my office would be... in another wing from the rest of my group. I don't have a pass because my security clearance may or may not have expired (no one seems to know for sure) so I need to have someone sign me in. I can wait for everything else, but it really bugs me having to put someone out just to get in to the building.

A long icy walk through the parking lot.

Then there's parking. The visitor parking in the lot in WAY in the back and $10/day. I found another lot a bit farther away and it's only $7.50/day. I still need to figure out a monthly pass. Thankfully the ticket I got on Tuesday was ripped up after a conversation with the parking guy.

Oh, did I mention that the weather was a little crazy? Lots of snow, freezing rain, more snow, huge puddles, ice.. it made for some really slow drives.

I spent most of my first week talking to people, reading a book I found in one of the common rooms, and using data on my phone to keep from going crazy. I haven't talked to my manager to confirm my hours (I want to work early so I can get the kids after school) or to tell him about our upcoming vacation (surprise!). Who knows when I'll get a pass and be able to log on to my computer.

My view.

Despite all of that, it felt good to be back at work. It was so nice having a routine and having people to talk to. And because I'm not able to do any work yet (I've read all sorts of directives and how-to's but all my stuff is on the computer) I didn't have the holy-crap-I-can't-remember-anything feeling that I'm sure is coming.

Plus having my weeknights free and my weekends actually mean something is really nice. Tomorrow I'm back to it and so is the rest of the family. It's our first week of our new schedule of J getting the kids to school in the morning and me picking them up. It means I work early and he works late. It'll be great if it works so we'll see how it goes!

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  1. Yeah that sounds like a slow start! Getting a rhythm to a routine will be really nice, imagine actually making plans! Ha. Hopefully your manager is flexible which may be an indication of the...non rigid start you experienced. Here's to the next chapter!