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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Non-toy gift ideas for kids

Christmas is coming. It's coming so quickly. I can't believe how quickly actually since I've spent most of the last week in bed sick. Whatever bug this is has kicked my butt and I'm so grateful that I got most of my shopping done early because otherwise this would be a very anxious sick week.

Years ago I learned about the 4-gift rule where you give things according to the rhyme: something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read. The kids don't actually know about this.. it's more for me to reign in my spending.

Side note: I have an internal battle where I want to buy all the toys for the kids but hate all the stuff they have.
So every year I have to come up with an idea to fit the bit about something they need and that inspired this list of non-toy gifts for kids. There are so many things that probably won't make them squeal with delight upon unwrapping but are good, practical gifts. Think about the socks you always got as a kid. C'mon, didn't every kid get socks for Christmas??

Sippy cups/ water bottles
Bandaids - bandaids are expensive and kids LOVE them
Ice packs - these are used almost daily in my house
Snack cups
Cute snack/sandwich bags
Theme dishes
Glow light/ night light - IKEA has really cute critter ones that my kids love!
Photo album/book
Art for walls
Experience gifts - I have a big ol list of things to do in Ottawa
Art/craft supplies - new crayons or markers are like crack
Blanket - bonus points if you can knit or crochet one yourself
Sleeping bag

I feel like I'm missing a ton of things Tell me in the comments what you'd add!

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