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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

My doula career... looking back

I'm still wrapping my head around the fact that I'm done with doula work. I was at an event last week and fumbled around when people asked what I did. Until last week, I worked as a doula. Now.. well, I'm just me.

I caught whatever bug the kids had and I'm hacking up a lung and battling intense headaches. I'm spending my days staying in bed as much as possible, thanking me-from-2-weeks ago for being so proactive with Christmas prep. I've done nothing around the house, but I've watched so many episodes of Gilmour Girls. I'm trying to catch up so I can watch the new ones.

This sick time has given me the opportunity to think and to reflect. I went back to look at my stats.. I kept stats for my doula work. It's good to do and now that I'm done there's a finality to it. These are my numbers.

I did my training in November 2012 and my first birth in April 2013. My last birth was last month, in November 2016. In those four years I attended 40 births. Nineteen of those were in 2016.

So 40 babies. You'd think it'd be about 20 boys and 20 girls, right? Well no. Twenty-five little boys and 15 girls. Crazy. And of those 40, 13 were cesarean births and I got to see 4 of them.

I spent most of my time at the Civic and Montfort but also went to the Queensway, the General, the Birth Center and Almonte. Some labours were marathons, some were more average (12ish hours), but the quickest labour, I was only gone for 3 hours!

I got to see babies born on beds, in tubs, into the water, and by incision. I was asked to cut the cord once, which was really cool, and held a minutes-old baby in the OR. I got to support some friends and even a family member.

Every labour was different and taught me something. Some were calm and serene and others were loud and crazy. Some went pretty much how you'd expect labour to go and some went so completely sideways that I needed help working through what happened.

On the postpartum side of things, I worked with 21 families and 28 babies (7 sets of twins). For some it was only one shift and others I saw multiple shifts over many months. I worked as a postpartum doula for 12 months, from December last year until now. I wasn't sure I'd like it but I did. I was able to go into the house and really make a difference. Plus postpartum shifts are scheduled, which is a sharp contrast to birth work, which happens any time.

I'm getting used to not being on call. It's nice. I've even left my phone at home when I went to get the kids from school! Last night I had a dream about my first day back to work. The countdown is on but at least there are so many fun things between now and work. Let's just hope I'm healthy to enjoy them.

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