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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Thing One and Thing Two

It's the weekend. That would mean more if I weren't on call, but still. Time for dance classes and knitting and organizing and getting my new freezer set up in the basement! Freezing cooking here I come!

Almost exactly four years after buying the Miata, we bought another! Introducing Thing 1 and Thing 2. They're twins.

All snug in the garage together.
J has alerts set up so he gets notifications when things like guitar pedals and car parts go on sale on Kijiji. He went a little crazy when this car was posted. It was cheap and is perfect for just parts but it's in great condition. Apparently the women selling just wanted it gone and was inundated with calls and emails. J actually didn't get the car; his friend M did, but since J was the one who found the deal, M let J buy it. What a good friend!

They went together to pick it up. They make a cute couple.

Checking under the hood.
The original idea was to use it for parts, but since it's in good condition, we may drive it next summer. I might autocross it! For now it's tucked in tight in the garage, beside its twin. Aww.

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