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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Halloween 2016


I say it EVERY year and I'll say it again: this was the BEST Halloween yet! Good costumes, great weather, lots of candy, no crying... amazing!

Cute pumpkins.

The pumpkin we picked up at Abbey Hill Farms the other weekend was carved into this cute little face. The kids also decorated their little pumpkins and everything was put on the porch with happy yellow mums that were dropped off last week.

Harry Potter.
Happy witch.
I managed to get dinner prepped and ready early so we weren't rushed. The kids got into their costumes, which they had worn at school all day as well, and happily posed for pictures. My only regret is not getting one of them together this year.

Neither was very happy at having to wear a coat, but that's Halloween in Canada, kids!

Harry Potter and two witches.
One of Little K's friends came and trick-or-treated with us for a bit. We did our block before heading back home to see J who had stayed to hand out candy. Our friend left, Little K stayed in with J, and Little J and I headed off to a nearby street that was amazing!

Amazingly decorated house spooked the kids!

We met up with our neighbours and did this one street. Almost every house was decked out, kids running everywhere, parents chatting in the streets. It was a perfect little slice of heaven.

Walking home with just Little J, who was chatting happily about all his candy, I had a huge smile on my face. It was just such a perfect night.

Candy, chips and chocolate was dumped all over the floor, costume pieces were thrown off, and both kids picked a piece of candy to have.

I've been munching here and there.. I even put a KitKat in the kids' lunches today. Now that it's November, J and the kids are singing Christmas carols and time marches on, but I won't soon forget our perfect Halloween night.

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