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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Field Trip to Valleyview

When both kids came home with field trip permission slips I got excited. They were on days that I wasn't working. I volunteered for both. I quickly heard back from Little J's teacher that I wasn't chosen but I didn't hear back from Little K's teacher.

It was the night before her trip, which was the Tuesday after the Thanksgiving long weekend, when I finally got an email saying I was picked to go on the trip. Talk about last minute!

The only field trips I've been on are the ones where the kids walk to the park across from the school. I hadn't been on a bus or responsible for other kids until this one.

I drop the kids off at the school and since Little K has the same teacher, one ECE, and half the same classmates from last year, I'm comfortable around them. I was assigned Little K and two of her friends. We hopped on the bus and made our way to Valleyview Little Animal Farm.

On the bus!

I've taken the kids to Valleyview before but we'd never done the tractor ride so it was interesting to hear what Farmer Joe had to say about corn, soybeans and old farm equipment.

Other than the tractor ride, we got to see a short video about the farm and listen to a talk about the animals. Most of the time we were free to go wherever we wanted. We fed the goats, saw the peacocks, and other animals, but most of the time was spent on the play structures.


Valleyview has some really impressive wooden play structures like this ship below.

Play structures.

The girls also played on tractors and ran through the corn maze. It was so fun seeing Little K with her friends and chatting with the other parents when we'd cross paths. I got so many great pictures of her and her friends.

I was surprised when Little K fell asleep on the bus ride home but she was exhausted. I was too!

Sleepy girl.

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