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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Annual trip to the pumpkin patch

Family selfie at the pumpkin patch.
It snowed the other day. Nothing like a dusting of snow to make me realize that winter is coming. And to make me realize that I'm behind when it comes to blogging.

We made it out to the pumpkin patch late this year. I can't believe how warm it was when we went last year! We missed Thanksgiving weekend and then it seemed to rain every weekend day until last week. It was cold but sunny. We found the perfect pumpkin to carve and put it and the kids on the little wagon.

Finding the perfect pumpkin.
Of course Little K fell off the wagon. Of course. But as I was consoling her I saw another little one fall so I know we're not bad parents.. or we're not the only bad parents!

Cheap wagon ride.
Maybe next year we'll check out Saunder's Farm. From what I've seen it's basically like a fall theme park.

Pumpkins bigger than the kids!

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