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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Reptiles: Beautiful and Deadly


Reptiles are taking over the Museum of Nature! The newest special exhibit is all about these cold-blooded animals. There are turtles and tortoises, snakes and lizards! My favourite are the tortoises... there's something so calming about watching them move slowly around, munching on grass.

Aldabra tortoises.
During the media preview the other week, I learned a lot about reptiles. I often go to museums with the kids so I don't get a chance to read all the information, but I was by myself so not only did I read, I got a chance to chat with some scientists. One was from the US and is involved in the care of the animals. She was chatting about her favourite, the milk snake, while holding one, petting it fondly.

The idea of owning a snake - or any reptile for that matter - doesn't make me feel warm and fuzzy but her love for the creatures was obvious, and I can't deny that they're pretty cool.

Pueblan milk snake.

The colouring, the adaptations.. all cool, but I would use the word "creepy" to describe this guy. I watched the American Alligator for a while and he hardly moved, but I'm sure I'd be dinner if I got too close.

American alligator.

Lots of live animals are on display but the amount of information is staggering. And it's not just about reading. There's a big turtle shell kids can climb on, a button you can push to see how the jaw of a snake words, another that allows you to milk a snake, and zoetropes you can spin to see how different reptiles move. Lots to learn about reptiles.

Green tree python.

Wood turtle.

Western diamondback rattlensake.

Gila monster.

Maybe next time I'll take the kids!

The exhibit, which runs until April 2017, is free for members but there is an extra fee on top of regular museum admission.

Disclaimer: I was invited to attend a media preview. I was not compensated for this write up. All opinions are my own.

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