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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Little J at 7


It's funny when I think about having a seven year old. Little J is a little person and I'm often reminded of the things he couldn't do just a year ago. Having kids that are a bit older is a relief, ones that can open doors and buckle themselves in, go to the bathroom on their own.. our role as parent switches to more of a companion one. We're there to explain how things work and to demonstrate new things, but hardly ever do we completely do something for the kids anymore, especially Little J.


Little J recently started Grade 2 and is in a regular class (not a split like last year). He loves Pokemon, Harry Potter, and Lego. Really, he just loves things. He loves to read and will read well into the night if you let him. He's still doing karate once a week, has started hip hop, and wants to play hockey.


The older Little J gets, the fewer developmental milestones he hits because things aren't as obvious as crawling or walking. There's a lot going on emotionally and in language development. He's getting bigger, stronger, and faster.


I would say that my little carb man is getting better at eating meat. We still struggle with him eating quickly (as in, he eats SO slow) but overall things are improving. He still really likes hot sauce and has started chewing gum.


I feel like Little J's language is maturing. He's lost just about all his cute ways of saying things and is using bigger words. He reads all the time so he's learning all sorts of new words.


This guy doesn't seem to need much sleep. He's almost always up right around 7 am after falling asleep sometime between 9 and 10:30 pm. Over the summer, he slept a bit later so getting up and ready for school some days isn't the easiest.


Little J is 46.8 pounds. He's wearing size S (6-7) and a size 1 shoe. I can't remember when exactly, but we switched Little J to a booster seat in the car, which worked out so that we now have seats for the kids in both cars. Little K is jealous but she's still less than 40 pounds, the lower limit of a booster seat.

Little J at 6

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