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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Our week at the cottage

It wasn't planned, but I took a break from writing this summer, in case you hadn't noticed :)  It's September, the kids are back in school, the mornings are crisp and I'm getting the urge to write again. There's something so nice about sipping a hot cup of tea while clacking away on my laptop.

So what did we get up to this summer? I had big plans (remember my bucket list?), but we ended up not doing most of the activities because I had to work a lot. The kids spent time at summer camp and with J's parents, and stayed with me the rest of the time.

The highlight of the summer was our week at the cottage. The weather was PERFECT! We saw family, we ate well, we swam every day.. it was probably one of the best times at the cottage I can remember.

I figured I'd jump back in to blogging by sharing pictures from that week. Soon I'll get you all caught up on what else we've been up to including other fun summer stuff, back to school, and Little J's birthday.


The obligatory we're-all-packed-and-ready-to-go picture. What you can't see is Sandy in the trunk.


We stopped for lunch half way there and opened the hatch so Sandy could sniff the air.


Minutes after arriving, the kids and J were in the lake!



We were treated to gorgeous skies all week!


Wilson the boat was put in the water.


When the kids ask mom to get in the water, she sometimes does. The bottom is ooey gooey so this is a big deal for me.


Fishing off the end of the dock.


We brought our slackline and had it set up all week.


It was a big family affair with most of J's dad's family up for the week. One of J's aunts organizes Olympic-like games where we compete for a big trophy. I'm not kidding, there's an actual trophy. The games started in 2009 and have been played 5 or so times.

This year we pinned the diaper on the kids' new cousin.. only the youngest got to play.


We hulahooped.. not to toot my own horn but I'm pretty awesome!


My boys are pretty good too. Well, Little J kept practicing all week and got pretty good.


The water balloon toss was fun - Little K and I lucked out with a balloon that wouldn't pop so neither of us got wet!


After the games, everyone goes down to the lake which is sandy and shallow for a long way out.


Or we spent time in the pool, on the trampoline or at the kids' park.




More hula practice.


There's a little creek not far from the cottage so we went turtle hunting a few times.


Little K always wants us to match so here we are in our twin bikinis!


It was such a hot week that when we weren't in the lake or pool, we'd randomly dump buckets of water on ourselves.


Okay, these are the greatest: campire cones! Instead of super messy smores, you put marshmallows and chocolate chips in a waffle cone and put it on the bbq or fire to melt it all together. Amazingly yummy.



One day we took the boat from one cottage to another. (After a first failed attempt where J and his dad were almost stranded and had to sail the pontoon boat.)



And back again.


Under a super low bridge.




It was hot enough that I often went in swimming. Sometimes at the sandy shallow place near the turtle creek and sometimes right in the lake.



The kids and J always lasted longer than me so I enjoyed some sun while they swam.




I didn't take a picture of everyone, but there were over 20 people there so it was a busy and loud week. So much fun!

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