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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Little J's 7th Birthday

My little man turned 7 and at the end of the first week of school we had his birthday party. Normally we have some sort of theme for the kids' parties and I have all these big ideas, most of which never come to fruition. Not that the kids don't have a good time, but the parties just don't come together like the Pinterest parties I imagine in my head.

Birthday decorations.
This time it was different. I told J my big plans and we brainstormed how to pull it all off. He had some good ideas and together we put together a rocking Pokemon party for Little J! I'm proud of how it went and so happy that Little J and his friends had a blast.

Little J was waffling between a Harry Potter theme and Pokemon. I pushed for Pokemon because I figured more of his friends would be into it and with the popularity of Pokemon Go I knew it'd be easy to get ideas. Plus, I imagined a big scavenger hunt game - a real live Pokemon Go for the kids.

I've never done a scavenger hunt before and had no idea how to pull one off. But here's how we did it.

Pick a Pokemon.
When Little J's friends arrived, we had them colour a Pokemon. These were just colouring pages we printed off. Each kid had a different character. This kept them busy for a little bit. Pin the tail on Pikachu was up next and while we did that, J took the colouring pages and taped them up around the backyard. Under each picture he also taped a plastic cup.

Very proud of my Pikachu.
Pin the tail on Pikachu!
Pikachu's tails.
After playing pin the tail we had the kids go outside. J and I explained that they were Pokemon trainers and they would have to catch Pokemon to collect their candy. They were all given Pokeballs (ping pong balls that J and I had coloured) and they had to hunt for Pokemon (this wasn't hard, but had them running all around the backyard).

Coloured pingpong balls.

Trying to catch Pokemon.
Little K doing her best.
To "catch" a Pokemon, they had to get the ball into the cup then they'd run to me and I'd give them a candy (I had gumballs that I handed out) for them to put in their bags. The bags were paper lunch bags that had a pokeball on them which they got to take home.

Pokemon loot bags.
It was a little chaotic and I'm not sure all the kids got the same number of candies but they had a ton of fun and they were running around so I was happy.

Pretty cool cake.
When they had all caught all the Pokemon - gotta catch em all! - they were given their prize - a pack of Pokemon cards! They got to keep the candy and the cards as their loot.

Birthday boy.

Our trainers came inside for presents and cake. After that they ran around outside and eventually calmed down and traded cards. Everyone went home happy.

"Tackle football."
Blowing off energy.
Card trading.
And that's how you throw a Pokemon party for a seven year old!


  1. Fabulous and inventive! Love the ideas here.

    1. Thanks Lynn! Pinterest is a good source, but being able to pull it off isn't normal for me!