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Friday, September 16, 2016

Back to school 2016

Back to school!! This year the first day wasn't on Little J's birthday. He was happy about that.

Tuesday was the first day. But then I remembered that Little K is still in kindergarten and she wouldn't be starting that day too. Apparently last year felt like two and she should be starting grade 1 instead of senior kindergarten.

J took the week off work and our morning went smoothly. The night before we had made lunches and pancakes for breakfast. I even had the kids pick out their clothes so we wouldn't have any issues there.

We managed to get all ready and out the door on time. We took Little J's first day pictures and headed off on our bikes. 



We took Little J to the gym to find his teacher. We finally did among all the other Grade 1 and 2 kids and parents. It was packed in there. His teacher seems nice and we gave him a hug and left.


After school was all about popsicles :) Little J told us bits and pieces about his day. He was thrilled when he didn't have to speak French in French class. I think he's in for a shock!


The next day was Little K's intake interview where we went in to her classroom with three other kids and their parents. She has the same teacher and 1/2 ECEs. Her room is right across the hall from her room last year. The biggest difference is that they've combined the JK and SK classes so they took her class from last year and split it in 2 and the JKs will make up the rest of the classes.

She knows what's going on and it's so much less stressful knowing she'll be okay.


Thursday morning, Little J's birthday, was Little K's first day so we got all ready and took her picture.



The four of us biked to school and both kids went off no problem. Such a relief!

You'd think J and I would do something special to mark the occasion but he went off to work on the shed he's building and I went to a postpartum shift.

We collected the kids at the end of the day. Other than little blips here and there, things have been going well so far. I like the routine to be honest, and I think the kids do too.

Hope back to school went smoothly for you too!

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