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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Summer Bucket List


Summer! It's well over 30 degrees outside so it's fair to say that summer is here. It's also fair to say that I'm playing catch up. I've been go-go-go for the last 3 weeks and cannot wait to go off call soon.

With summer camp, our new pool, and the kids' new rollerblades, this summer has already been pretty great. But that didn't stop me from putting together a little bucket list.

Unfortunately for us, I'm on call much of the summer and working when I'm not. Last year the kids I were able to do so many fun things with our days, but this year they'll be spending days at summer camp and at Camp Mimi (with J's parents), and time at the cottage will be limited. It's okay though, we will still have fun!

On days when we can get out and do fun things, I have this bucket list ready with ideas.

Last year was the Summer of Awesome. This year, the Summer of 2016... will it be bigger and better??

Need ideas for getting out with kids? Kids in the Capital put together this list of 50 things to do with kids in Ottawa! Do you have a list of must-dos for the summer? Please share!


  1. Hey! Great list - I don't have a written down list but we are working on more outdoors/less TV and trying to do a lot of reading with my eldest (and trying to figure out how to make that enjoyable).

    On the first, we got a mini-pool for the backyard and a bouncy castle is on the way :).

    Hope you have another Summer of Awesome! - Louise