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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Last day of school!

Win: I remembered to take pictures on the last day of school.

Fail: My phone died and I only have a couple I snapped with the big camera. Sniff.

Redemption: J was able to get the pictures off my phone! (And got me a working and reliable phone.. he's my hero!)

Fail: The picture I took of Little K in front of the car is horrible.

We're well into summer now and I'm going to have to settle with the pictures I do have if this post is ever going to get published. Onwards!

My little man, happy to be done school.

Little J is all done Grade 1. He had a good year with a few bumps along the way. He struggled to find his place in a Grade 1/2 split, but managed to do really well, learn a lot, and make some good friends. His report card was very positive and he improved in almost every subject. I'm curious to see what it's like for him next year in a regular Grade 2 class. Only time will tell.



Little K is done Junior Kindergarten and she excelled there. She had the same teacher Little J had and some really great ECEs too. She still had mornings that she didn't want to go to school but came home each day with fun stories to tell. As for next year, all kindergarten classes will be split between Junior and Senior Kindergarten, so there's a chance she'll have some of the same classmates, teacher, and ECEs for at least part of the day. That would be amazing!

Biking to school for the last time this year.

The last week of school was crazy busy but the kids and I managed to put together some cute gifts for their teachers. I made necklaces and the kids helped with some fun sparkle magnets. Everything went into a little bag attached to a card. Easy and cute!


The kids were fighting before we left the school yard so it might be a long summer.


Even with the fighting I took them to Mac's and got them Frosters to celebrate.


We still have to go through all the papers that came home - I have a box for each kid and will keep only the best. I'll sneak everything else into the recycling if I have to! Whoo summer!

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  1. Congrats to a successful year at school! And I wouldn't worry about your phone dieing - the photos are great. I'm busy doing photo upkeep and updating here too.