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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Ultimate Dinosaurs at The Museum of Nature


You do not want to miss the newest exhibit at the Museum of Nature. Running all summer, Ultimate Dinosaurs is a must-see!

Paleontologist Dr. Jordan welcoming us to Ultimate Dinosaurs.
We were invited to check out Ultimate Dinosaurs and it just so happened to be a PD day so I brought the whole family with me. As paleontologist Dr. Jordan explained, unlike the permanent dinosaur exhibit, the dinosaurs in Ultimate Dinosaurs are different. They were found in the southern hemisphere and have some very unique characteristics. In the exhibit, you'll learn about the history of the world and about dinosaurs that you may not be familiar with.

Watch the world change with this interactive display.

Examples of the earliest dinosaurs.
The exhibit is home to 16 full skeletons from the huge Giganotosaurus to the very wee Simosuchus.

It was great having the kids there so that I could see what appealed to them (think: technology) vs. what appealed to me (the information). This exhibit is the perfect combination of dinosaur skeletons (16 of them!), information and interactive elements.

Playing with dinosaurs.
The kids were impressed with the big skeletons but had way more fun playing with the toy dinosaurs and using the technology. Screens are set up that, when you aim them at the skeletons, they bring the dinosaurs to life. This was a big hit!

Dinosaurs come to life.




The dinosaur skeletons are just amazing though. My favourites were a little cat-like Simosuchus and this little flying guy. I also really liked the dinosaur still in the egg.

Flying guy.


With eggs the size of a football, dinosaurs were quick to pack on the pounds.
All summer long, students working at the museum will be on hand to show off some real specimens including the kid-favourite dinosaur poop! Also this summer there are activities taking place at the museum - the fossil lab, dino zone, and Walking With Dinosaurs, a 3D film.

Pushing a button and hearing a recording of a child saying the name is the only way I could ever pronounce all the dinosaur names properly!
Then there's the Dino Challenge where you can go around to different stations, learn about dinosaurs, while collecting stamps.

We completed the dino challenge!
The stamps are embossed and the paper becomes a neat keepsake.

And as always, when we're at the museum for a media preview, there are cameras. Little J was asked to hop up onto a display with a huge dinosaur skull and made it onto the Ottawa Citizen website. Pretty cool!

Behind the scenes.
The Ultimate Dinosaurs exhibit runs intil the beginning of summer and has a cost in addition to regular museum admission. The extras (the fossil lab, dino zone, and live fossil preparation) are included.

Add a visit to Ultimate Dinosaurs to your summer bucket list!

Thank you to the museum for having me at the media preview!
Disclaimer: I was invited to the media preview. All opinions are my own.

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