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Monday, June 6, 2016

Proud Dance Mom

Last summer we signed Little K up for dance. She did two 4-week sessions where she got to try different styles like ballet, jazz, tap and musical theater. She really liked ballet so when September came around and classes were divided by style, she chose ballet as her one class.

Eagerly waiting for her class to start.

A rare peek into the dance studio.

Beautiful bun.

Testing out a fake bun.
Dance is all new to me. We chose DanceRoots because it is right beside karate and Little K's class overlaps with Little J's karate class. I was able to take them both while J stayed home and made dinner. I spent the first bit with Little K, had 10 minutes to myself while they were both in class, and had Little J with me at the end. Overall it worked out really well, logistically.

A ninja-in-training and a ballet dancer in the rain.
Little K settled into her class. She was really enjoying it and learning. Her teacher kept saying she has great feet.

Christmas break comes around and the parents are invited in to see what the kids have learned so far. Little K would not get up. She wouldn't leave my lap. She wouldn't do any of the moves. We had just bought her recital costume and were worried it was money down the drain, that she wouldn't go up on stage when the time came.

Fast forward to May.

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There's a big lead up to the recital. The kids practice their dances every week.. I can't tell you how many times I heard the same muffled music through the walls of the studio while waiting for class to be done.

We often talked to Little K about the performance and what it would be like, not that we really knew. Her and I went to check out some dancing at a competition a couple of months ago. She's quiet about dancing, only saying she likes it, but never showing us any steps.

In the weeks leading up to the year-end recital, emails from the studio were flooding my inbox. Info on parking and tickets and makeup and costumes and this and that. It felt never ending. There was so much going on and so much to remember. It was overwhelming, but slowly I pieced together a plan, and made a deal with another mom about the makeup (I'm not buying a $10 lipstick for my 5 year old).

Here's the rough schedule - dress rehearsal, technical rehearsal, two recitals - and here's how it went down.

Saturday: dress rehearsal 

All the ballet classes worked together on a joint performance and needed to practice it together. This rehearsal was at the studio and a good time to get Little K in her costume. We learned that her shoes cut up her heels when she's not wearing tights which wouldn't fit under her costume. Bandaids!

My little soldier.

Monday night: technical rehearsal

No costumes or make up needed at this rehearsal but it was at the theater across town. During dinner time. So much goes into the recital and this rehearsal was definitely needed. I got to witness some of the craziness of organizing hundreds of dancers.

Ready to go on stage.
Doing their dance.

Tuesday night: Recital #1

Full costume. Full make up. Full chaos! Little J had karate so I took Little K to the theater and got her in her costume. Isn't she the cutest little soldier?

Almost ready!
I took her back to the dressing room and no one kicked me out so I ended up staying back there and helping out where I could. I got Little K's make up done and then we hung out for over an hour. Kids were in and out, the ones who were in multiple classes, with costume changes. It was chaotic.

Little K was paralyzed by having make up on and wouldn't eat or drink anything. I was worried about her little tummy since the show was right at dinner time and she hadn't eaten before. She might have been hungry or thirsty but she did fine.

Baby girl's first time wearing make up.
I didn't get to see the show, but she said it was fun. I know for sure she went out with all the other dancers.

A real dressing room.
We capped off our evening with a run through the McDonald's drive-thru.

Wednesday night: Recital #2

J, Little J and I all had tickets for the Wednesday night show so we drove together. Having learned from the night before, we showed up a little later, and I didn't put on Little K's make up right away. One of the parent volunteers had to pull her away so I could run out after dropping her off at the dressing room. She was not impressed I wasn't staying.

But she danced. She got up on stage. I am so proud of her. She definitely knew all the moves and did so well.

Coordinated soldiers (Little K is second from the left).
Little K's dance was near the end of the first half of the show so we got to see all of the dances before hers. Little J was getting into it, but his clapping was loudest for her and there were tears in his eyes.

After the final bow I ran back to get her and told her how proud I was. We got her changed and went to find the boys. Little K ran into her dad's arms.

So proud of herself!
It's a relief now that the recital is done. It was pretty stressful and Little K definitely had some late nights. It was worth it though. She worked really hard all year and did really well on stage.

She was actually upset that dance was over but then I remembered the summer series. She gets to do another 4 classes in June and try out different styles like last summer - ballet, jazz, tap and acro. J and I think she'll be really good at acro so I'm anxious to see what she thinks.

Little J was so blown away by the dancing that he wanted to sign up too, but he wants to do hip hop. Just like Little K, he has 4 classes in June and he gets to try different kinds of hip hop. He already had his first class and liked it.

Who knows what the fall will bring, but I know one thing for sure: Little K did a great job this year and I'm very proud of her!

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  1. Little K is so adorable! I'm sure she'll be a wonderful dancer.