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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Pop Up Painters

Amazing instructor with the sample painting.
You've probably heard of Paint Nite, right? It's where adults go, often to a bar or restaurant, and are led through a complete painting, while enjoying a drink and the company of friends. It's pretty popular with events almost every single day all around the city. I've been twice and, even though my paintings leave something to be desired, I loved the experience.

And the kids love my paintings. Little K even has one hanging in her room. They asked if they could go, but the problem is that the events are often at night and go past their bedtime. Plus the whole being in a bar thing.

Enter Pop Up Painters. It's basically Paint Nite for kids... the same painting fun minus the bar and alcohol. Events take place around the city, at grocery stores, community centers and in the park. For a peek at what painting in the park looks like, check out my post from last summer! They will even come to your house or event... need a birthday party idea?

I love Pop Up Painters and so do my kids. They've done three now and have already asked when they can do it again.

Most recently I saw on the Pop Up Painters Facebook page, a free event held at the Independent Grocer in Barrhaven during their Market Moments. I eagerly signed up the kids.

Market Moments.
The painting, called Kindness is Beautiful, is a soothing blue, green and yellow scene with grass and a bird couple. The artist led the kids through each step from creating the background with a sponge, to painting the grass and birds with a brush. I love that they teach different techniques using different tools.

Using a sponge to make the background.

Already covered in paint!

Proud kids with their paintings.
Pop Up Painters offers baby sensory classes where you create a beautiful painting with the help of your baby's chubby hand or foot as well as adult and corporate events. This little company has a lot to offer!

Have you ever tried Paint Nite or Pop Up Painters?

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