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Friday, June 24, 2016

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to J!

Father's Day was a bit of a bust. I kinda screwed up his coffee (he has a fancy Aeropress) and pancakes (the grill wasn't hot enough so they didn't cook properly), and we had to rush out to the kids' race. Oops.

Heading to the race.
The race was fun but more on that later. The 4 of us ran and then came back home.

Card from Little K.
The kids gave J the stuff they made at school. A cute card from Little K and grass she grew.

Pretty grass.
Little J was so proud of the iDad he made. Each app had a note when you "opened" it. 

And we got him a cover for the bbq (which I ended up taking back when I found a better and much cheaper one at Costco the next day).

Before a huge water fight!
The afternoon was spent playing in the backyard.

I almost forgot, but every year I ask the kids some questions about their dad for Father's Day. Here they are:

What's your dad's name? J (they said his full name)
How old is he? 34
What is his job? To make money for us.
What's his favourite colour? Blue... wait, his favourite colour is red!
What does he like to eat? Pancakes.
What's his favourite animal? Kitty (k) Sandy (j) 
What does he do when he gets home? Plays with us (j) Changes (k)
Who is your dad's best friend? Pike
How does dad smell? {points to her nose} (k) Kinda good. Kinda in the middle. (j)
What's your favourite thing to do with your dad? Play.
What does dad always say? Expressions.
I love my dad because... He's nice. (j) He's nice. (k, copying her brother)
Is there anything you'd like to say to your dad? Yeah, I love you. (j) Yes, I love you. (k, copying her brother) I loved when you let me and you watch Guardians of the Galaxy 1! (j) I love you super much, more than the entire galaxy! (k)

Happy Father's Day to J, my dad and J's dad!

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