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Friday, May 13, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

Love this piece I was commissioned to make!

My Mother's Day weekend was perfect: I got a bit of a sleep in, breakfast in bed, cards and presents from the kids, a hike, a swim, a bath, and I didn't have to clean up after dinner.

Sunflower #notasunflower
When the kids got off the bus Friday afternoon, Little K thrust a brown paper bag into my hands. It was a "sunflower". She was worried it would die if she left it in the bag until Sunday. She also gave me this:

Funny what she came up with.
Little J wrote me a nice note and gave me a picture of him holding a flower he made. Cute, eh?

Feel free to steal this idea.
My parents came by in the morning. We hadn't seen them in a while so it was nice to chat and catch up. They're currently in Atlanta visiting my brother, his wife, and their new baby.

Me and my mom.
I thought it was hilarious that, after lunch, when the kids were playing nicely in the living room, J passed out on the couch.

Too funny!
But I was able to sneak upstairs to read in the tub.


I've learned over the years that if I don't ask for it, I'll never get pictures of myself (that I don't take myself) so I got J to take one of me with the kids. You think they could just smile? Nope.

Crazy kids.
While J cleaned up after dinner, we had a dance party in the living room and played in the sunshine. It was nice.

Everyone sit on mom!
Even though Mother's Day is over, I keep getting little things with a "Happy Mother's Day!" shouted at me. Poor Little K is going through a thing and is having a hard time with me being out so many evenings. She made this card one of those nights.

Sad face.
And the kids picked some purple flowers from the front for me last night.

Pretty in purple.

I hope all my mom friends had a good Mother's Day too!

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  1. Little J is super cute. I love the photo he made. What a cool idea. lol. Your Mother's day sounded fun!