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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Lime Kiln Trail

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After our visit to Jack Pine Trail last week the kids have been asking to go back to the forest so we picked another trail near by, Lime Kiln Trail. We went armed again with our walking sticks and bird seed and had a great time!
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First chickadee of the day!
We weren't far along the trail when we spotted some chickadees so we stopped and got out the bird seed. Little J had great luck and had lots of birds land on his hand. A pair of cardinals came to check us out and a very cute red squirrel too.

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Little K being brave.
Even though Little K didn't like the prickly feeling of bird claws on her fingers last week, she held out her hand with J's help and giggled when a bird landed. These chickadees seem to prefer the black seeds in the wild bird mix I bought and would scoop up 2 at a time and go away to eat them.

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Trying to get the squirrel to take seeds from their hands (it didn't work).
The little squirrel on the other hand preferred the pieces of corn.

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Trying to spot the snake.
The big difference this time, other than having J with us, was the number of snakes we saw. Apologies if that creeps you out, but we saw six different garter snakes along the trail. When they aren't moving they're hard to spot.

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Checking out the ruins.
Lime Kiln Trail has some ruins where they used to treat/process lime (the details are hazy - I read the plaques years ago when we were last on the trail but didn't get a chance this time). There are two ruins - one looks a bit like a house and the other is obviously the kiln with a stone cylinder that you can peek into through a window and from the top.

I love our little outings and we already have plans to hit up other trails in the area.

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