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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Jack Pine Trail


I've been so busy. In April I had 3 births in 5 days. And another not even a week later. That's a lot of babies and a lot of time away from my family, in hospitals, not eating well or sleeping well. Today is my last day off-call as tonight I'm back up. Back up isn't the same amount of stress, but it still means I have to have my phone with me and if there is a birth, I go on call.

So I've been trying to destress this week. I took myself to the yoga studio three evenings. I practiced at home too. I slept with my phone off. I watched a lot of tv. And this morning, when it wasn't pouring when I woke up, I asked the kids if they wanted to go feed the birds, excited when they said yes.

Me and my happy crew.

It was J's turn to sleep in today but that didn't happen due to some puking (Sandy the cat) and some screaming (Little K) so we left him home to do his own thing (breakfast and Home Depot from the sounds of it) and headed off to Jack Pine Trail.

On the path.

It wasn't raining at first, but it was that damp cold that soaks through to your bones. The kids were troopers. Little J brought his stick and we found a good one for Little K as we explored the paths, walked on the board walks, and marvelled at all the bird houses.

Freeing a rock from tree roots.
Jack Pine Trail is part of the forest that I grew up near so it feels a bit like home. My friends and I spent all summer for years ripping through the forest on our bikes, climbing the big tree just off the path, and hooting like owls. Then years later but before we had kids, J and I went hiking often, trying out a lot of the different paths Ottawa has to offer. I knew we'd find chickadees here.

Willing chickadees to land.
And we did. Birdseed in hand and patiently waiting brought us a few brave little birds. I was the first to have one land on my hand, but I'm also the tallest and able to stay the still-est.

Little K didn't like the feeling of their little claws - they are kinda prickly, but Little J was amazed.

Little J and his little friend.
Little K took over the bird seed and made some piles for a curious but so scared red squirrel. The promise of food won over and soon he was coming near us to grab seeds before scurrying away to gorge.

Coaxing the scaredy squirrel closer.

Scaredy squirrel.

The rain picked up so we headed back to the car, stopping to leave piles of seeds along the way. I was able to show the kids lots of things, drawing from my biology schooling, and I hope impressed on them a bit of a love for nature. I know neither of them wanted to leave and made me promise we'd be back. We will, babies, we will.


  1. Love this post and the pics. Makes me want to leave everything and go for a hike. Take us with you next time you go! :)

    1. I saw a picture of your little G in the forest so you made it out!