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Monday, May 16, 2016

Jack Pine Trail... Again!


What a difference two weeks makes! This weekend when we asked if the kids wanted to go to the forest, Little K insisted we go back to Jack Pine Trail so we did! This time we had J with us and we took the left path instead of going right.

Fun hollow tree.
It was so much greener and the left path took us through some areas of grass covering bed rock so it was a much different feel than the path that goes right through the forest.

Little J with his first snail.
We were walking along when we saw a snail. Little J picked it up to move it to the side of the path. Then we found another and another. They're pretty cool little guys.

Feeding the chickadees.

Once we got closer to the swampy area we started hearing chickadees. Little K got brave and had a few land on her.

Little K and the chickadee.

She seems more comfortable with the squirrels.

Little K and the squirrel.

And they seem to like her. This one got right up close.

J, Little K and the squirrel.

As we were leaving the board walk we ran into two kids and their dad. They were carrying a bucket/jar and I asked what they were hoping to catch. Frogs was the plan apparently but they actually caught a squirrel! They showed us the video - silly squirrel - before we kept moving, through the forest path to the car.

We've been doing our forest walks on Saturday mornings before getting lunch and getting Little K to gymnastics. It's a nice little activity that we all enjoy and I hope we continue.

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