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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Visiting the National Gallery


Little J is in a split class, grade 1/2, and the grade 2 kids got to go to the dinosaur museum earlier in the year. The grade 1s had to stay at the school. He was sad, but SO excited when it was his turn for a field trip (which the grade 2s were also going on...) It was right around the time when the weather was being a little crazy, raining one day, dumping 3 feet of snow on us the next. There was freezing rain thrown in too. His field trip got cancelled. He was super sad so we told him that we'd go to the National Gallery of Canada as a family.

This got Little K excited. Little J's field trip was eventually rescheduled and he had a great time at the gallery. But we still had to go as a family because Little K hadn't forgotten. Easter weekend seemed like a good time to go.
Excited kids run into the gallery.
I know I've been to the National Gallery but I didn't remember much. The building itself is so impressive with really high and interesting ceilings. I should have brought my big camera. And the art obviously. Here are a few of my favourites.
It took everything in me to not center the bench.
One of my favourites.

A spot light was shining down from above.
The kids really liked this moving piece and Little K especially liked the garden.

Moving art team work.

Little K contemplating life.

The garden and water areas were nice.

Make a wish!

The kids really liked the treasure hunt. In the lobby an area for kids was set up with crafts and dress up clothes, and stuff for a treasure hunt. They were each given a box with clues inside and they had to find the painting that had all the objects in their box. The trick was that they could only feel the objects with their hands.

We were able to steer them in the right direction using the map with each box (or else we probably would have never found the paintings!) and they got little prints of the paintings when they were done.

Fun ceiling.
We had lunch at the cafeteria. It was a nice little family outing.

Parliament buildings in the rain.

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