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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Hog's Back

Little J watching the falls.

The weather on Saturday of Easter weekend was beautiful and an idea popped in my head: let's go to Hog's Back! I definitely wasn't the only one who experienced this stroke of genius because the place was packed! But it was worth it - warm and sunny, the falls rushing with all the melting snow, and fossils to be found. We didn't stay too long because our first Easter dinner was starting soon.

Single file march around the falls.

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One of my favourite parts was initiating Little J into our Sign Club. J and I have so many pictures of us doing things one signs so we had our son do this:

No zombie walking.

He's a natural.

They humoured me with a family shot.

Little K gets all cuddly.

I want to do more little outings like this!

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