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Thursday, March 24, 2016

March Break

This is the first year with both kids in school so it was the first March Break with both kids home from school. I'm making this point because last year Little J was home from school, but it wasn't such a change because I still had Little K home with me. And the year before that, Little J was only doing half days.

What I'm saying is that this year both kids are used to the routine of school days and, Little K especially gets so worn out by school. So having both kids home from school for a whole week.. well, let's just say it was a long week.

J had to take some time off before the end of the fiscal year so he was off, which was great because I still had clients to see. Before getting my schedule I had signed the kids up for some free activities at Chapters and a paint workshop. Turns out J had to take them to almost everything.

Not quite the same as the picture, but adorable anyway.

The activities at Chapters were free - a book and then a craft. The kids made little puppies, a lego set and a super hero shield. It's funny.. we have a lot of Lego in our house, but this little kit is what spurred Little J to make and remake it. You know, the way we used to play with Lego instead of making all these elaborate sets that never get taken apart because they're too intricate.

Working hard on their Lego sets.

The paint workshop was a tree painting with Pop Up Painters. The kids did a class in the summer so this was a little different because it was inside at a nearby grocery store but it was also for kids age 5 and up. The painting was more detailed and I think the kids both did a great job!

Painting their trees. Love that you can see Little J's blonde patch.

The finished trees.

We topped off the week with two birthday parties and dinner with friends. We weren't at all surprised when Little K went to bed and fell asleep at 6:30pm last night (normally she's in bed around 8 and asleep around 8:30pm). We still had to run for the bus this morning. Some things never change.

With friends.

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