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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Little K at 5

My big little girl.
Little K is such a fun little girl. She still gets clingy and quiet, and will hulk smash if she doesn't get what she wants, but overall she's very sweet and loving. She's very cuddly and affectionate and loves to read and play. She's so great with Sandy the cat and loves stuffies and small things. She's been loving the snow this winter which is a huge change from last year.

The biggest thing for Little K has been starting JK in September. Even though she really wanted to start school she was still pretty clingy at first and we still have bad days here and there. Little K does dance class once a week (started in the summer with a 3-4yr program and now she's with 4 and 5 year olds in ballet). We've taken her and Little J skating three times and it's fun to see her on skates. She's getting there. She had her first hair cut not long ago and we've been doing more with her hair - pony tails, pig tails, braids, half up, and clips. 

Since starting school, Little K's reading and writing have really improved. She is almost definitely left handed and I keep telling myself to get her a pair of lefty scissors. J has been taking the kids swimming regularly this fall and winter and Little K is doing so much better in the water. She used to cry when she got water on her face. 

Little K was always our little carnivore and that hasn't changed. She loves meat, cucumbers, Teddy Grahams and chocolate pudding. She drinks a lot of water, juice here and there, but doesn't like milk. She eats a good of food.

Little K's vocabulary grows every day and she's picking up French from school and her brother. I would say you can understand what she's saying 99% of the time.

This little girl likes her sleep. She typically sleeps from 8pm until 7am. School completely wears her out and about 2 days a week she'll nap there. This is crazy since she stopped napping around 18 months. Obviously I wasn't keeping her busy enough at home! We don't drive around much anymore so there aren't any car naps.

Little K weighs almost 35 pounds and is getting taller every day. She wears mostly 5T clothing though a lot of her 4T stuff still fits, and size 11 shoe. 

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