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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Ice Racing and Breaking Cars

The ice racing season is short and we only made it out to watch one race this year. And we missed the part where the car died.
K and Kids
Watching the ice race.

Maybe you remember that the blue car got broken last year. It had to be towed off the track after being pushed up onto a snowbank where the axle broke. We had it towed home and J and his car friends fixed it over the summer and fall. The little car lived to race another race.

Kids at Ice Racing
The kids with the blue car in the background.
It lasted through snow cross and two ice races and then it died. Autocross is all about speed and power and finesse around the track. Snowcross and ice racing is all about problem solving and fixing the car on the fly. The cars go comically slow around the track, but it's still intense and there is a lot of contact between cars.

The day we went out was beautiful - warm and sunny. We got to watch J race and then one of his teammates before we headed out. There's a huge toy store just off the highway not far from the track so we stopped there and picked up some Lego after the kids jumped on the trampolines.

Blue Car
Sexy beast.

Now that the little blue car is most likely done done, J and his teammates are on the hunt for the perfect ice racer. They have a short list of desirable cars and months to find one. Goodbye blue car, you were fun.

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