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Monday, March 28, 2016


LittleK Gymnastics
Little K in her new gymnastics outfit.
Little K has been taking dance class since the summer when we signed her up for a 4-week session that introduced her to 4 styles of dance. After that was done she decided to go with ballet and has been doing just ballet since September.

She's a skinny little thing and always moving so dance seems to work for her. She goes right in with girls 1-2 years older than she is and listens well. They're working on their year-end show (recital.. I've gotta learn these dance terms) but also learning the basics. At least, from what I can tell. The door to the studio is always closed.

LittleK at Gymnastics
At her first station in her first class.
She has a friend in school who has been doing gymnastics and so Little K asked if she could try it. When I finally looked into it, there was a session just ending and one beginning in a couple of weeks. The timing was perfect. I talked to the director and found out she could do two classes and if she didn't like it, we could just pay for those two classes. That kind of safety net made signing up much easier.

I did gymnastics when I was little. I started at 4 and only quit when football practice conflicted with gymnastics 10 years later.

I took Little K the morning of her first class to the gym to check it out. I figured if she knew where we were going and had seen the gym it would make her more comfortable. It also gave me a chance to ask about leotards.

When Little K was first born, Little J was signed up at the same gym. He hated it and we ended up pulling him out after a few classes, but at least I was familiar with the gym. At his age, the kids wear whatever they want. At Little K's age, they have to wear leotards. I don't know if it was because it was the first class of a new session, but a lot of kids weren't wearing leotards... bah!

We bought Little K a pink leotard and she wore some black leggings over top. Her and I were in the lounge when the kids were called in. She gave me a kiss and happily ran off, doing warm up exercises with a ton of other kids.

I watched from behind the glass, happy to have a view. She was so little compared to everyone and I was waiting for tears. Waiting for her to run away from the group to find me. But she didn't. She did all of the exercises.. things she's never done before, and was called into a smaller group. Seven girls with 2 coaches. They moved around, doing different exercises like floor stuff, bars, beam, and trampoline.

She loved it! My heart was singing watching her, the movements looking so natural on her little body. I could tell she was having a good time. I could tell she was good at it. I was remembering the fun I had at the cavernous gym of a local high school. The power of flinging my body around doing cartwheels, handstands, launching myself over the vault and around the bars.

I'm happy she's happy and I love watching her do something I loved doing as a child. I think she's going to really love gymnastics.

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