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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

It's Little K's birthday today and I still have to get the pictures off my phone to finish off my post on that. Today, let's talk Valentine's!

If you've been reading a while, you know that I don't much care for Valentine's Day. At least, not in the romantic sense. J and I have never exchanged gifts or done anything special for Valentine's Day. I hope we never do.

But I love how excited the kids get. About a week before the big day, I get out the bin I have from the basement. In it there are some decorations - store-bought and home made - and cards from past years. Decorating is done without stress over a few days and always in conjunction with Little K's birthday.

The kids happily addressed Valentine's cards to all their classmates and taped on a piece of candy. We keep things pretty low key, but cards + candy = winner!

Little K has been begging me to volunteer in her class. With Little J I always had Little K as an excuse. (Never mind the fact that I didn't want to do it.) But I have no excuse now, and her teacher happily accepted my offer for last Thursday so I could help handing out cards. (There was no school Friday.)

Little K and I reading at school.
The class was organized chaos if that makes sense. Kids everywhere, constantly moving and being super loud, but following along with the class schedule. It was quite interesting to see. Little K was thrilled to have me there and loved helping her little friends put their cards in everyone's bags.

Aside: Half way through my 2-hour stint, Little K's teacher came and told me that Little J was in the office. I excused myself and went to see my little man, who had tripped and hit his face on his desk. There was apparently a lot of blood but he was cleaned up by the time I got there. The office staff was extra worried because they thought he had knocked out some teeth. Nope, just my little Toothless! He was fine and was happy that I could walk him back to his class.

I finished up my volunteering and left Little K and the school. It was an experience but I'm not sure I'll do it again.

Back to Valentine's Day! That afternoon, the kids got home and raced to open their bags and show me all their loot. The only problem: Little K forgot hers at school. Her brother shared a sucker with her. Man, Valentine's Day is practically another Halloween with all the candy and pencils and stickers. It's a little crazy.

Little J's pile of Valentine's.
We don't get the kids anything, but I did make a heart-shaped cake for Little K's party, which was actually on Valentine's Day. Thank you, Pinterest, for the inspiration.

Heart-shaped cake.
Are you all for Valentine's Day or no?

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